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Origin of the content of this page

This list of maps came from a project at the Family History Lirbrary about 1998. The Family History Library Catalog does not identify specific maps that may be found in a book. This list was an attempt to supplement the list of maps that could be found at the Family History Library. The book number can be searched for in the Family History Library Catalog to discover the title of the book and then a search conducted online for a digital version of older books. I agree that inserting the content into a table will improve this content. An introductory paragraph or two should also be added. I disagree with the idea that the content is out dated, incomplete yes but not out dated. Darris G. Williams 04:33, 31 January 2013 (UTC)

this information need to be put into a table.

List of Maps

There is no explanation on the page as to why this lists exists.

Are the maps located online? If so, the list has no hyperlinks.

Are the maps located in a library? If so, what library?

The apology at the top of the page for the list being out of date makes no sense when the page user cannot see any maps.

--PatJeffs 08:42, 5 October 2012 (UTC)