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I have created a sandbox page with a draft style for discussion.  This draft incorporates the following elements that have been discussed either on other talk pages or via email.  Please provide comments on the sandbox discussion page.  Look specifically at the following:

  1. naming scheme (using the prefix Collections: instead of the suffix FamilySearch Historical Records Collections)  I had to use a level 1 heading within the sandbox, so just scroll down a bit to get the feel for what it would like if the article were named this way.
  2. the use of templates to invite assistance with either empty sections or sections that need additional content
  3. the suggestion to incorporate the collection description info into a template (which I couldn't actually show because in the new format I am proposing, it wouldn't show at all)
  4. citation example for users

Thanks for taking a few minutes to review this and share your ideas.  Lise 21:17, 8 March 2012 (UTC)