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There was a significant amount of information about the parish, which included the various church buildings within the parish, where to find baptism, marriage, and burial events in the parish, and information about the civil registration district and the change of jurisdiction.  That entire section was deleted.  I presume that this was not done maliciously, but I just did an "undo" for that revision that removed what I think is useful information for a genealogist.  That left a lot of gobbledygook characters that I then deleted, but most of the previously deleted useful information has been restored.  Unfortunately it also seems to have deleted a couple of photos.  I have no objection to revision by anyone, but I do think that wholesale deletion of information intended to help a researcher who may not be familiar with the parish, is not a helpful action.  Perhaps some of the added information that is useful can be put back in without deleting other equally helpful information.