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Re: the England "Parishes" pages:

The county lists of parishes such as Suffolk Parishes page lists only parishes or chapels [of ease] and not other jurisdictional levels, such as registration districts or (town) boroughs--though recognizing that some RD's are named after a parish name.

Thus, in the spirit of this standard, we included a page for All Saints Sudbury which formerly had no stand-alone page for it.

According to this standard, (County) "Parish" pages (for each individual parish) lists only the parish/chapelry level of jurisdiction. Normally the lists are held to that rule and standard. In the Parish History treatise of each, and, in those rare cases where a parish page includes a 'Description' heading, it may be a strong point of emphasis (under the Description) to include a treatise or something about that township/parish and/or the fact that it may also be the name of the borough and with brief but significant content about the borough.

The way and manner in which the current "Sudbury All Saints" page displays--is not meant to be 'in concrete'. But it does reflect the standard set by and according to the other counties throughout England and Wales county ("Parishes") lists.

On another perspective, regarding "Parish History" sections of each Wiki parish page:

Strong emphasis is placed on providing critical local historical data to especially aid researchers in more quickly and accurately identifying more precisely all local church registers standing within a parish boundary, of which they need to access in order to solve their genealogical research problems. For example, knowing that the parish, i.e. of Ashbourn, Derbyshire is not the only ancient curacy wherein registers of christenings and/or marriages and burials may be found within its boundary, but that Alsop en le Dale chapelry/chapel of ease also existed simultaneously and which held christening registers from the year 1701/2. Or, i.e. that the ancient parish of Manchester Cathedral Our Lady, & St Denys has over 150 chapelries subdividing its parish boundary, and yet all are officially "Manchester" churches, according to several authoritative historical publications.

I don't think there is a rule against creating a borough or town page. Its sounds to me what your saying is I can create a borough page, but I can't put a link to it on the parish page because it isn't a parish. Like Sudbury, a person had a click on Sudbury to see the parishes in that place. So its not suppose to be organized like that. I'll put back the Sudbury borough page, but i won't link to it from the parish page. The parishes already have link to the borough page.
I'll have to save the Ipswich page now before it is chopped up. Then after is is mangled I will restore it as a town or borough page without any links to it on the Parish page. We just can't have people clicking one extra link to see the parishes. Donjgen 20:27, 1 April 2013 (UTC)