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The English title of this collection is misleading.  The records cover the Canton of Basel-Stadt, which includes the city of Basel plus the municipalities of Riehen and Bettingen.  A better English title would be "Switzerland, Basel-Stadt, Church Records."  Even better might be something like "Switzerland, Canton of Basel-Stadt, Church Records", to emphasize the difference between the city of Basel and the Canton of Basel-Stadt.  Further, references to the "Canton of Basel" in the text are incorrect, since "Basel" is not now a Canton.  The old Canton of Basel was split in 1833 to form the new Cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.  No Swiss person would confuse these entities.  When we read in German, "Basel-Stadt", with the hyphen, it is the Canton that is meant, not the city.

Please take the time to add this wonderful information to this page.  Other will get help from this and any other information you can add to this Wiki.Sandralpond 13:14, 18 July 2011 (UTC)

Records pages are blank

Whatever records I try to access the pages are blank (black)  It says to sign in to view which I do but only get blank page.  Tried 3 different browers: Explore, Chrome and Firefox.  Windows 7.  Can someone help?

Thanks you