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Search Field Glitch

Not sure whether I'm giving feedback or creating a new Wiki page.  If I've got it wrong please note the feedback and delete the page.

I like the new look.  The information is well laid out when I do a search, but at this location:

The input field in the search box is non-operative.  You have to over-type the word "England' rather then type in the field presented.  Once you realise this everything appears to work as it should

I'm using a Mac with Safari 7.0.5 and OS 10.9.4   It does not happen with Firefox 30.0 (Mac) so it appears to be browser specific.

I think this is also happening at other locations, so it might be a more general factor with the coding.


Thank you for the information provided. It appears you are correct in believing the problem is associated with the browser. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox were tested and they both work appropriately. Mozilla Firefox is the browser most compatible with the FamilySearch Wiki. Parrisl 00:54, 14 July 2014 (UTC)


it would be nice to be able to offer corrections.  I am looking at census data where a c designation is translated as Chinese, I believe the correct translation is Coloured.  I know there are many great projects out there being done, but updating and correcting the collections that are already online is important as well.