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I am writing in reference to the following paragraph listed in the Devoy Peak:  "Michael Devoy, was known as the father of the Cimarron Valley. The Devoy's settled here after the Emery's. (Devoy's Peak). "  I am curious, my husbands family is of the Devoy Clan and am wondering if there are any surviors of  this Michaael Devoy's family and if thehy are possibly related to my husbands family.  I would be very intrsted in any further informatipn you might have, thank you for your time....Terea Devoy, I can be reach thru {{Helpme}}

Terea,  Thank you for your questions.  I hope you received my e-mail about the Wiki policy of not allowing family histories and genealogy on this site.  Please contact the creator of the article to ask your questions, at
Also, you can ask your questions in the forums.
I hope I have directed you in finding your answers.  Please contact me if you have any questions.Vlfunk