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The census taker wrote down the wrong spelling for my Grandfather's last name (including my grandfather, grandmother, mother, and uncle).  The last name written is Rollinson, but his actual last name is "Rawlinson".

I can get official documents to prove this change.  Is there anyway to add a note to the Census Record on this URL to let others know this last name is incorrect?

"United States Census, 1940," Walter G Rollinson, Delta, Delta Election Precinct, Millard, Utah, United States

Thanks so much for your attention to this situation.

Unfortunately no changes can be made to FamilySearch at this time. However, this option is being considered as a future enhancement. When that feature is in place, both the original index and the correction to the index will be searchable, thus preserving the ability to view original indexes and images as well as providing a means to accept corrections or additions. At this time we recommend that you keep a list of items yhou find that need correction or items you want to add. When the functionality becomes available, you will be able to add the imformation to the existing database. The link to the document below will explain this further.