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The title of the article and the link are both correct. The article covers both the surviving family or population schedules and the veteran’s and widow's schedules. There will be another collection that links to this article. When that collection is available we will reevaluate the article. If it is appropriate we may split the article at that time.

The title of this page is United States Census Population Schedules, 1890 (FamilySearch Historical Records), yet the link for 1890 records is for the 1890 veterans schedules. Am I just confused or was placing the link to the "veterans schedules" on this page a mistake.

The link is correct.

The 1890 census was almost completely destroyed by a fire at the National Archives in1921. All that remain are the veterans schedules.

I'm aware of the status of the 1890 census. The population schedules were destroyed. The only part of the census that remains is roughly half of the veterans schedules. Shouldn't the page be titled "United States Census Veterans Schedules, 1890 (FamilySearch Historical Records)" and not "United States Census Population Schedules, 1890 (FamilySearch Historical Records)". The reason I ask is because I think the title may be misleading to those new to census research. It also presents problems when trying to place the link in the middle of a paragraph that discusses the veterans schedules on the wiki pages. Larry0011 01:32, 7 December 2011 (UTC)
A minor correction to my last comment. A small number of population schedules do exist for the 1890 Census covering roughly 6000 individuals. They are on the NARA microfilm M407--"Eleventh Census of the United States, 1890". Some may think the page refers to those records, as I did. Larry0011 01:45, 7 December 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for replying.