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Fran taught me that blanking out a page was bad and that it is better to use the Delete template. Proper delete requests would be a good topic for discussion. Diltsgd 20:56, 21 April 2009 (UTC)

Searching for names of places in an article that has been separated into segments (chunks), example, is difficult because of the different associated place names. For instance, if I knew my ancestor was from a town called Zecher I would probably not find information for that town under the Z section because there were two towns with that name and none of them beginning with the letter Z. One of the towns is named Gross Zecher and the other Klien Zecher. Thus, I would have to have known to look under the G & K sections and possibly others that I am not aware of. The non-advanced patron and sometimes the advanced ones would not know they should search in those sections; let alone every section of the alphabet to avoid missing a relevant place.

A long (large) well organized list would be easier to search. By using the Ctrl + F function you can search a lengthy document very easily; especially in the context where a name can be associated with different words which start with different letters/characters.

Search-ability of lists in general would be a good topic of discussion Eduardo H Seoane

Funny URLs

If you look for an article about how to use a USB key, you find the article with this funny URL:

This is not a problem any more with Spanish diacritics, either in the English or the Spanish instance of Wiki. You can search for México, España or Panamá and find that the URLs come out right.