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With respect to my original complaint that: “There is a serious problem with the Batch No. C09866-1.” I find your response to be totally inadequate for the following reasons:
1. The use of patronymics had almost completely ceased by the time of the records I discovered on your site; thus “Historically, the Welsh practiced a naming system known as ‘patronymics’...Conversion to static, or fixed, family surnames began in the 15th Century. By the year 1850, however, most Welsh people had adopted static, or fixed, family surnames.”
2. There is a complete absence of any “ap”, “ab” or “ferch” prefixes in these records.
3. It’s clear from the records, that ALL the father’s of the children had SURNAMES, not patronymics. It seems highly unlikely that a person who was using a static surname would suddenly revert to naming his children using a patronymic system.
4. Many of the father’s surnames are themselves DERIVED FROM patronymics.
5. I am in possession of several printed and microfiche records from neighbouring areas (Wrexham [1754-1813], Bangor-on-Dee [1675-1812]) that show no indication of the use of a patronymic naming system.
I believe your persistence with this argument is completely spurious, and merely justifies not taking any action over the inaccurate records.

ANSWER: The problem you reported concerning Batch C09866-1 was identified as an issue with FamilySearch technical staff some time ago. It is still on the list of items to be corrected but it may take some time due to limited resources. An additional note is being added to the Known Issues to highlight this problem.Tomwilde 19:21, 3 March 2013 (UTC)