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1. What is the "Master's Miscellaneous Estates" record referred to in the collection:"Zimbabwe, Death Registers...Death Register, 1892-1977 Death registers 1949-1952", Volume 87, pgs 205, 148, 118, 70 and 7  ?

2. Does the source "Master's Miscellaneous Estates" contain actual death certificates/records that correspond with the lists of persons found with the collection pages 205, 148, 118, 70 and 7  ?

3. How can the source "Master's Miscellaneous Estates" be accessed for viewing and research?

The following pages in Volume 87 refer to the "Master's Miscellaneous Estates" as a source:

Page 205 (Image 240)URL,163216201

Page 148 (Image 182) URL,163216201

Page 118 (Image 152) URL,163216201

Page 70 (Image 101) URL,163216201

Page 7 (Image 37) URL,163216201

ANSWER: ANSWER: The only information we have at this time in reply to your questions is to refer you to what is written in the WIKI and the WIKI Known Issues.,_Death_Records_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records),_Death_Records_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records)/Known_Issues Tomwilde 17:50, 6 July 2014 (UTC)