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This template will display, in a horizontal table, the number of articles of each importance, which belong to a particular WikiProject. The syntax is as follows:

{{Articles by Importance


  • |topic= (required) - set so that the importance categories are: "Foo-importance topic articles".
  • |project= (optional) - if defined, a refresh button and the following caption is displayed below the table: "WikiProject project articles by importance".


{{Articles by Importance|topic=census|project=England}}

will result in:

 Top  High  Mid  Low  ??? Total
WikiProject England  articles by importance     Refresh
Changing class to format template layout

By using the |format= tag, you can change the way the template is formatted using one of FamilySearch Wiki's defined styles (CSS).

{{Articles by Importance|topic=census|project=England|format=toc}}

will result in:

 Top  High  Mid  Low  ??? Total
WikiProject England  articles by importance     Refresh

You can use any of the FamilySearch Wiki defined classes in this parameter. In this example, the switch changes the style from the default wikitable to the toc style used in the {{Cat importance}} template. All formatting in the template will be changed to the defined style chosen and cannot be modified.

Taskforce example

{{Articles by Importance
 |project    = England
 |topic      = Census
 |task_force = yes
  |tf_link   = Census task force
  |parent    = England
 |nocat      = yes
 |format     = toc

will generate:

 Top  High  Mid  Low  ??? Total
Census Taskforce  articles by importance     Refresh

See also

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Importance types
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