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  == Usage == Please use the following list, deleting unnecessary fields The parameters are listed in the order displayed by the infobox.
{{Infobox Societies
|name= North West Kent Family History Society
|established= 1978
|website= http://www.nwkfhs.org.uk/
|facebook= https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-West-Kent-Family-History-Society/185363068176998?ref=hl
|president= David Cufley

Parameters == The parameters below are listed in the order displayed by the infobox. =

Established {{{established}}}
Name === These parameters specify the name of the society and how it is displayed in the infobox title ;name   :North West Kent Family History Sopciety ;native_name   :the name of the society if different from the English ;name_color   :(optional) the color of the title text (default black) ;back_color   :(optional) the background color of the title text (default none). Use #e8f2Ff to use the same color as the rest of the infobox. NWKFHSlogo.jpg === Image === An image representing the society, a logo can be displayed near the top of the infobox, immediately below the title. Use only the file name, without the Image: or File: prefix. ;image   :(optional) Society image/logo (name of image only) ;image_size   :(optional) Allows changing image size from 100px default (IMPORTANT: omit this parameter if not used; leaving it blank will cause the image to display full size) ;border_color   :(optional) the color of the border around the image box === Infobox colors === The data in most of the infobox is displayed in pairs, a label and a value. If the user would like to change these from the default black this can be achieved by using these parameters. ;label_color  :(optional) the color of the labels that run down the left side of the infobox (default black) ;value_color  :(optional) the color of the values that run down the right side of the infobox (default black) === Society motto === ;motto   :(optional) the society's motto === Date Established === List the date the society was established. ;established     1978 :Mandatory parameter. This can be just the year or a precise date. === Contact details === ;address   :(optional) the society's address ;telephone   :(optional) the society's telephone number ;fax   :(optional) the society's fax number ;email   :(optional) the society's email address (template automatically generates a mailto: link) ;website   :http://www.nwkfhs.org.uk/ ;facebook  www.facebook.com/pages/North-West-Kent-Family-History-Society/185363068176998 :(optional) url for the society's Facebook page (template automatically generates external link) ;twitter   :(optional) the twitter username ie for @FamilySearch enter FamilySearch not @FamilySearch (template automatically generates external link) === Meeting details === ;Where :3 Branch meetings: Bromley,  Bromley Methodist Church, College Road, Bromley BR1 3NS. Dartford, Dartford Technology College, Heath Lane, Dartford DA1 2LY. Sevenoaks, Sevenoaks Community Centre, Otford Road, Sevenoaks, TN14 5DN ;When    :Bromley, third Saturday morning of the month. Dartford, first Saturday of the month. Sevenoaks,  second Thursday of the month ;Time :Full details of Meetings, talks, times and directions can be found at NWKFHS Meetings === Building details === ;building_address  :(optional) the address of the society's building ;building_hours   :(optional) the hours the society's building is open === Organization === ;president   :David Cufley ;vice_presidents    :Joyce Hoad <br> Dr. Susan Pittman <br> Joan Field <br> Ron Anthony

 ;members   :(optional) the number of members ;membership_cost   :Single £10. Family Membership £12 :
 ;volunteers   :(optional) the number of volunteers === Affiliations === If the society is a member of an association then it can be shown in the infobox ;affiliations  :Federation of Family History Societies
Use square brackets for example [[Affiliated body]] to create a wiki link and separate multiple entries using <br> between each. === Other information === One free text entry has been provide for. ;free_label   :(optional) a user defined label ;free   :(optional) the value to display after the user defined label === Society Logo === If not used as the main image a logo can be displayed near the bottom of the infobox. Use only the file name, without the Image: or File: prefix. ;logo   :(optional) Logo image (name only) ;logo_size   :(optional) Allows changing logo size from 100px default (IMPORTANT: omit this parameter if not used; leaving it blank will cause the image to display full size) === Footnotes === ;footnotes   :(optional) text to display next at bottom of infobox (no heading) === Last Updated === ;last_updated   :(optional) text to display right at the at bottom of the infobox; labelled Last udpated: