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  • Rangeley Plantation (T2 R1, T3 R1, T2 R2, and T3 R2) (Franklin Co.) was a mega-plantation by 1840; name changed to Dallas Plantation 1845; changed back to Rangely Plantation 1852; the Town of Rangeley (T3 R2) was set off from a portion of the plantation in 1855; and in 1859 the remainder plantation was split into three more sub-pieces including present-day Rangeley Plantation (T3 R1).[1] [2] [3]
  • Rangeley Plantation (T3 R1) (Franklin Co.) a small version organized 1859 from a portion of the extinct, larger plantation. Junior still exists today.[1] [2] [3]
  • Raymond Plantation (Cumberland Co.)
  • Reed Plantation (Aroostook Co.), also known as Wytopitlock, first organized in 1843; annexed part of Drew Plantation (in Penobscot County) in 1883; and set off land to Drew in 1903.[4]
  • Reedstown Plantation (Franklin Co.), also known as Number 3 WKR Plantation,
  • Richards Plantation (Hancock Co.), also known as Number 27 Plantation,
  • Riley Plantation (Oxford Co.)
  • Rockabema Plantation (Aroostook Co.) is extinct; split into T6 R5 WELS (Moro), T7 R5 WELS, and the northwest ¼ of T6 R4 WELS (Merrill).[5] [6]
  • Royalsborough Plantation (Androscoggin Co.)

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