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Land Records reveal
Usually or Possibly    U     P
Name of Seller (Grantor) Green check.png]]  
Seller's Wife   Green check.png]]
Name of Buyer (Grantee) Green check.png]]  
Land description Green check.png]]  
Witnesses Green check.png]]  
"F.A.N. Club[1] Green check.png]]  
Don't miss the CLUES!

Deeds: Sellers (Grantors): All may be relatives, etc. Sellers wife (given name): multiple wives; no wife? check deeds before and after: are wives mentioned? Yes: this is a clue he is currently not married. Buyers (Grantees): May be relatives. Add to FAN club Witnesses: May be relatives, close (old) friends, neighbors, or just someone in the courthouse that day. Land Descr: SRT: Metes Bounds: Neighbors, watercourses, trees, roads, mountains; can identify where it is in the county. (be careful with this scary statement) Possibly help separate two people with the same name: people moved but the land didn't. Acres: Watercourses Area of the county Fam Membs: relationship may or may not be identified F.A.N.Club Time frame: Narrows migration, life events (death, marriage) Possibly

Date of the deed, date it is filed: clue and some whys

$$$: if $1 makes you wonder if it is a relative. Residence of sellers and buyers Occupation: helps decide who two different guys are

Mortgages: Maybe the buyer doesn't have a lot of $$
  1. "F.A.N. Club" stands for Family, Associates, and Neighbors. Anyone associated with your ancestor could be a relative, and THEIR records may provide YOUR answers. The term was first coined by Elizabeth Shown Mills in 2002.