Texas and Gretna Greens

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Fort Bend County - For years it was known if you wanted to get married in a hurry, go to Richmond/Rosenberg because the County Clerk had applications for marriage license at his/her home for evening or weekend weddings.   For a few extra dollars, a local JP was available.  Also popular if you had a famous last name, you avoided the Houston press and making it in the newspaper.   This was used for "quickie pregnancy" weddings, so you could lie about your wedding date six months later when junior was born.

Harris County, with a 3-day waiting period, to Liberty, Liberty Co TX.  It was much closer and easier for those in East Harris County to get to Liberty than to get to the Harris County Courthouse in Houston.

From East Texas (vicinity of Longview) to Texarkana, Arkansas (1931). A local traditional place for getting married, right across the state line from Texarkana, Texas.

Orange Co TX was the place for "quickie" marriages back during the 40s and 50s.