The Blossburg Story, Colfax County, New Mexico

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The lovely story of Blossburg is told in a pamphlet "The Blossburg,, New Mexico Story" by Father Stanley, March 1962. The following is an alphabetic list of people mentioned in the story. It is recommended that the pamphlet be checked out through your local library through the inter library loan program. To find the library closest to you that has this pamphlet you can search

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Jessie Axford

W.J.Baker, dentist


Dick Bentley, foot race

Pudraw Bertoline, live stock dealer

Betton, horse race

Blackford, principal

Joseph Boleman, sunday school assistant

Mace Bowman, gunslinger and deputy

Mrs. L.Brunelli, boarding house

J.B.Callan, Protestant preacher

George Cann

Andrew Cencel, saloon keeper

Mrs. N. Conn, school teacher

Rev. Cooney


W.J. Cowan, killed in gunfight

A. Cox, butcher

Crumrock, horse race


DickDavis, Hall, foot race

H.L. Davis

W.F.P. Dobbin

Eggleston, stage line

John Elmgren, child drowned in storm


ParkerFault, saloon keeper

Joseph Fothinghill, died in 1894 explosion

Mary Fothinghill, sunday school secretary 

C.J. Fry, mill superintendent

Caleb George, miner, dispute

D.B. Griffin, postmaster, store owner 

E.Haller, see Evangeline Hollar

Rev. Harewood

Rev. W.W. Harvey

Peter Heck

Ed Hogan, died in 1894 explosion

John Holland, saloon keeper

Evangeline Hollar, postmaster

George Honeyfield , Blossburg Friendly Cooperative Society

Hotchkinson, boarding house partner with Owen


G.B. Janolini, saloon keeper

Jack Jenkins, justice of the peace

Frank Jennings, foot race

Rev. William John

Johnson, killed in dispute

Tom Johnson, house fire

Amos Jones, horse race

Ellis Jones, baseball team manager


W.W. Jones, horse race

Rev. C.D. Kennedy

Charles McArthur, saloon keeper

McClain, meat market

Howard McClain, secretary treasurer of baseball team

Barney McGarvey, baseball team captain

Mrs. B.F. McGarvey, assistant principal

Lizzie McIntire, school teacher

C. McKillion, chairman of baseball team

O.P. McMains, night riders

Conductor Medill

Peter Mochan

Levi Morris, foot race

J.W.Morrison, sunday school superintendent

Moulton, stage line, justice of the peace 


George Nepper, mine accident

George Newton, dispute

Nicholson, saloon

Jacob Niles, foot race

Mrs. H.H.Norman, boarding house

T.P. Okeefe, Catholic priest

Owen, boarding house partner with Hotchkinson

Professor Owens

Mrs. John Peden, boarding house

Dr. D.W. Pemberton, dentist

Judge C.F.Peterson, postmaster, justice of the peace

Charles F Preston, postmaster

Ike Price, mine boss

IsaacPrice, sunday school treasurer

Rev. Pyner, controversial sermons

Rev. G.W.Ray

Sol Reese, boarding house, grocery store

Rev. WilliamReynolds, Cooperative Society, choir director

Dr. Rosenberry, physician

J.F. Ruffner


Ed Savage, mine boss

H.O. Schultz, vegetable grocer

Shannon, foot race

John Sharp

Frank Sherwin

Dr. Shuler

Rev. Sinnock, bible teacher

H.F. Smith, rasilroad strike breaker

Harry Smith, threat

Rev. James L Smith

W.H. Smith, live stock dealer

William Smith, rancher

Albert Snyder, died in 1894 explosion

M. Stancy

Professor Dennis L. Strine, principal 

Thomas, meat market

J.W. Thomas, postmaster

Thomas and Alex Thompson, saloon keepers

Richard Thornton, died in 1894 explosion

Sol Urzkurak, carpenter

Jonathan Vickers, blacksmith

George Wagstaff, killed

F.M. Walters

Samuel Wells, died in 1894 explosion

John Wiley, saloon keeper

Edward Williams, saloon keeper

William Williams, mine accident

H.B. Wise, editor

Robert Wood

Jake Wyruch, killed by miners