The Dawson Story, Colfax County, New Mexico

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The story of Dawson is told in a pamphlet "The Dawson, New Mexico Story" by Father Stanley,  September 1961. The following is an alphabetic list of people mentioned in the story. It is recommended that the pamphlet be checked out through your local library through the inter library loan program. To find the library closest to you that has this pamphlet you can search

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G.O. Arnold, mine mamagerBeddow, mine inspector

E.R. Byers, manager Dawson Theatre

Walter Byers, tipple boss

Joseph Couturier, catholic priest

J.B. Dawson, homestead on Maxwell Land Grant

Ernest JDedman incorporator Dawson Fuel Co.

Antonio DiJulio

Bartolo DiJulio

Frank DiJulio

Mrs. Frank DiJulio

Emil Dominik, wrestler

Dr. James Douglass, Phelpps Dodge representative, later president 

Ira Duckworth, manager Dawson Hotel


C.B. Eddy, owner of coal deposits in Carrizozo area 

Charles D Eddy, incorporator Dawson Fuel Co.

Simpson Eddy, board of dirctors Dawson Fuel Co. and Dawson Railroad Co.

J.H.Franklin, manager Southhwestern Mercantile Co.

JohnFrederick subscriber Dawson Fuel Co.

MinerGalvan, fighter

G. Gollbach, Catholic priest

Alexander SGreig incorporator Dawson Fuel Co. 

PaulHally, Catholic priest

Benjamin SHarmon, incorporator Dawson Fuel Co.

W.F.Huston, school superintendent

JohnJenkins, shooting

TomJenkins, shooting

Andrius A Jones, Dawson's lawyer


Lucien B. Maxwell, obtained land called the Maxwell Land Grant

George Murdock,  Dawson Amusement Hall

Thomas O'Neill, bartender and cowboy, shooting

H. K.Pangburn, physician

George T Peart, postmaster and mine superintendent

Pels, agent for Maxwell Land Grant Co. 

HenryPfaff, liquor and cigar merchant

SerapioRagel, miner

J.W. Raynolds, Territorial Secretary of New Mexico 

G.E. Richards, wrestler

Francis H Ross subscriber Dawson Fuel Co. 

J.P. Ryan, Catholic priest


Miguel Salazar, miner

J.E. Sheridan, federal mine inspector

Harvey Shiels, episcopalian minister

Clarence D Simpson, incorporator Dawson Fuel Co.

Kid Solomon, fighter

Charles Springer, bought ranching land from Dawson

Mary Chase Springer, bought ranching land from Dawson

A.J. Taillon, Catholic priest

Peter Thompson , board of dirctors Dawson Fuel Co. and Dawson Railroad Co.

W. P. Thompson, coal mine manager 

Frank Vance, deputy sheriff

Thomas B Watkins , board of dirctors Dawson Fuel Co. and Dawson Railroad Co.

B.H. Williams, board of dirctors Dawson Fuel Co. and Dawson Railroad Co.

Lizzie Zeller, shooting