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The original content for this article was contributed by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in June 2012. It is an excerpt from their course Research: Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters-Tracing Women  by Lisa Alzo, M.F.A.. The Institute offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy courses for a fee ($).

Further Reading


Articles by Lisa A. Alzo can be downloaded in PDF format:

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  • Alzo, Lisa A., “Ladies First,” Family Tree Magazine, January 2008.
  • Alzo, Lisa A., “Sister Act ,”Everton’s Genealogical Helper, January/February 2008.
  • Alzo, Lisa A., “There’s Something About Mary,” Internet Genealogy Magazine, January 2008.
  • Ortega, Gena Philibert, “Find Your Female Ancestors,” Family History Expos Syllabus, June 2010.


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Information in this Wiki page is excerpted from the online course Research: Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters-Tracing Women offered by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies. To learn more about this course or other courses available from the Institute, see our website. We can be contacted at

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