Trinchera, Colfax County, New Mexico Genealogy

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Location:                         North of Folsom, NM., between historic towns of Madison and Ortiz. Close to the Colorado border. Nearest places are Mike Creek, Kelleher Mesa, Salazar Rincon, Bear Canyon and Creighton Canyons.  Off of highway 72, on County Road a-35 about 3 miles. The next valley over from (west) Fisher Park. Not to be confused with Trinchera, Las Animas County, Colorado, right across the state border line.  

GPS:                              Latitude: 36.9198 N;      Longitude: - 104.0416 W.

Elevation:                         7,110 feet (2,167 feet)

Map:                               Interactive Map. ,

Photos:                           Trinchera Peak photo , Basalt dyke nearby, modern street sign.

Post Office:                     Established 1882 to 1883.

Cemetery:                       Trinchera Pass Cemetery 

                                       Pacheco Cemetery

Census Data:                  1900 Census, click here.


Family history links:

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6. Frank Wouds, or Woods, court case.


1. The Pacific Reporter, Volume 30. page 907. California Supreme Court. Google Books.

2. Reports of cases determined in the Supreme Court of the Territory of New Mexico, Volume 6, page 473. "Faulkner v. Territory"  Google Books.