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Guide to Tysnes, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records.

Church Records

Microfilm of parish registers available at the Family History Library for Tysnes clerical distirict) contains the parish registers for the parishes Tysnes, Opdal and Onarheim in Tysnes clerical district. Opdal parish changed name to Uggdal parish in 1933. Records available from 1723-1924.

Images of digitized parish register are available online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

Tysnes: 1723-1793, 1804-1886

Tysnes/Onarheim: 1732-1739, 1887-1945 ;

Tysnes/Tysnes: 1732-1804, 1855-1935

Tysnes/Uggedal: 1732-1739, 1855-1936

Census Records

  • 1664-4666 Census Fogd og sorenskrivers manntall Sønhordland Fogderi included Føn skibrede and parishes, Opdal skibrede and parishes, Vaag skibrede and parishes. This census was taken by the local civil authorities. Tysnes clerical district included Tysnes, Opdal and Onarheim parishes. It is on microfilm at the Family History Library Film 122979 Item 4 and online at Digitalarkivet as scanned images.
  • 1664-4666 Census Sogneprestenes manntall Sundhordland Prosti This census was taken by the local civil authorities. Tysnes clerical district included Tysnes, Opdal and Onarheim parishes. It is on microfilm at the Family History Library Film 122971 Item 3 and online at Digitalarkivet as scanned images and as a databasee.

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Drange, Ernst Berge, Tysnes, gards- og ættesoge, Tysnes : Tysnes sogelag, c1986-1991. A genealogy and a history of the people and their farms in Tysnes, Hordaland, Norway. Vol. 1 includes an expanded index. 948.32/T1 D2d

Farm name indexes to volumes 1-4 are found in the following links. File:948.32-T1 D2d V1 - TYSNES1.pdf, File:948.32-T1 D2d v2 - TYSNES-2.pdf, File:948.32-T1 D2d v3 - Tysnes-3.pdf, File:948.32-T1 D2d v4 - TYSNES-4.pdf

Farm Names

115 Bakke 110 Belt 82 Bruntveit nedre 121 Dalen 92 Dalland nedre 83 Dalsgaard 76 Eldholm 106 Galanten 85 Gjelland nedre 95 Gjerstad nedre 97 Gjersvik lille 73 Gjøvaag midtre 102 Godøen lille 101 Godøsund 111 Grimsland 119 Gripne 87 Grøteid nordre 106 Hegland 109 Homlevik nedre 112 Hommervik 79 Hope nedre 75 Kaldefoss 116 Katteland 120 Kattenes 104 Kjærefjord 122 Korsnes 91 Lande 113 Lunde nedre 121 Malkenes 107 Myrdal 124 Røen 80 Skaar nordre 103 Skipevik 82 Smogestykket 100 Snedkerneset 76 Storholmen 123 Sunde østre 88 Tegland 99 Tysnes 94 Vaage 94 Vaagsneset 105 Valle 90 Ve indre 77 Vernøen 118 Vevatne 117 Økland østre

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Holms, Jeanette: Jon Johannesson Sletteskog & Anna Nilsdtr Langeland pedigree chart. Boede på Flornes (Tysnes sogn) 1793. Johannes (første barn) ble fisker.

Løvig. Christopher Christophersen: Lensmann Løvig's samlinger.

The records of bailiff Christopher Christophersen Løvig of Hordaland County, Norway. Includes correspondence, records of the farms in his district, research notes, court records, deeds, sagas, probate records, genealogies and other miscellaneous information pertaining to the district of Sunnhordland.

Includes a genealogy of the descendants of Jakob Lauritsen Slee who was living on the farm Aarbakke in Tysnes, Hordaland County in 1591 and on the farm Opdal in Tysnes, Hordaland from 1601 to 1632.

Includes Rustung, Nes, Hauge, Nervik, Rømsø, Sjø, Slee, Lovereide, Orm, Orning, Ænes, Smør, Sjo, Sæbo, Althan and related families. FHL Intnl film 1694098 item 2, 1694102, 1694099, 1694101

Lunde, Henrik O.: Rolfsnes, Åse and related families.

Genealogy of Anders Olai Olson Rolfsnes (1894-1968) born in Rolfsnes, Bømlo, Hordaland co., Norway to Ola Nilsson Rolfsnes and his second wife, Gunnhild Eriksdatter Haugstøl. His wife, Oliva Antonette Henriksdtr. Åse (1899-1989), was born in Åse, Tysnes, Hordaland co., Norway to Henrik Lorentsson Åse and Anna Olsdtr. Gjellefall. Anders lived in the United States (North Dakota, California, New York) several times. He and his wife returned to Norway for good in 1959. They settled first in Rolfsnes and later in Os, south of Bergen, where both are buried. Ancestors have been traced to the early 1600s. Descendants live in Norway and the United States.

Bibliografi: s. 465-472 (bd. 1) ; s. 1010-1019 (bd. 2). Med register i hvert bind. Innhold: bd. 1. Later generations -- bd. 2. Earlier generations -- FHL 929.2481 R645. To view a digital version of no 1 click here, to view a version of no 2 click here

Probate Records

1668-1887: Records are found in Sunnhordaland judicial district.

1698-1852: Some of the farms in this parish belonged to Rosendal Estate or Lysekloster Estate. If the probate is not found in the district above look at Hardanger og Voss where the probates for Rosendal and Lysekloster were kept.

1690-1877: Clerical probate records are found in Sunnhordaland Deanery.


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names