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The following are abbreviations or codes found on various United States censuses.

Abbreviations found in all Censuses

Abbreviations for 1910 Census

Abbreviations for 1920 Census

Coal mining information

1920: A statistical study was done in 1923 on coal miners listed in the 1920 census. The codes used follow:

MH - coal miners who were also the heads of their households
BD - coal miners who were boarders in a household
BWF - coal miners who lived in their parent's household
USC - coal miners who were born in the United States
USW - coal miners who were born in the United States (don't know of any distinction between the w or the c)

Naturalization Information

NA: Naturalized citizen
AL: Alien citizen (not a U.S. citizen)
PA: Papers, meaning the alien had submitted their first papers or declaration of intent to a court of record to begin the process of naturalizing
NR: No record, usually found only on soundex cards


1.  Coal miners: As of 2004, information from Bill from Heritage Quest and Bethany Evans one of their professional census indexers.