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Re:  Czech Republic School Records  . . . and other records, such as digital archives

I don't understand why my user "name" is a number when I have a user name that is different in Family Search.


I am searching Czech (Bohemian) records and have used the Trebon Digital Archives to go back to 1708, the date of my 4x great grandfather.  Not all the information as to where he came from, etc. are there yet, but it has been extremely helpful.

I am a member of the CGSI, which I joined, hoping to be able to find more information. It was not through CGSI that I found the Trebon Archive information but from a friend who is a professional genealogist. Two quarterly newsletters from the CGSI were helpful in explaining how to read birth/marriage/death records; however, I still have many questions.  Many of the records are not only in Latin but also Czech and sometimes German, so it is difficult to determine where my ancestors lived.  I would love to be able to map out where they lived and see how far away the villages were that they came from, but have been unsuccessful in part due to the variation of the names of the villages.

I attempted to use Family Search's Czech Republic School Registers but was unable to.  The instructions seemed so simple, but in reality, you had to know very specific information.

I have been most helped by a group of people from the Trebon area that have formed their own group, assisting those that request to be included in it.  There I found two members of CGSI that were able to help me with deciphering some of the wording in the archived records.