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Cemetery Records reveal
Usually or Possibly    U     P
Death/Burial date Green check.png]]  
Birth date/Age Green check.png]]  
Birth place   Green check.png]]
Name of spouse   Green check.png]]
Names of children   Green check.png]]
Symbols (religious, military, other) Green check.png]]  
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Cemetery records not only identify where a person was buried, but lead to other records, such as death records, obituaries, and funeral homes, that are likely to reveal more about that person.

Sextons (caretaker, record keeper) records may identify other people in the plot, who paid for it, and more.

Please add cemeteries and online transcripts as you find them.

Sort the table by town or cemetery name. Search each online transcription? A good idea, as they may have transcribed different areas of the cemetery.

Code Codes used in the table refer to:
BG Billion Graves
IDG I Dream of Genealogy
FG Find A Grave
USG USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Washington
WADA Washington State Digital Archive
Cemetery Name Town Online Remarks
Adamsville Walla Walla [link FG] • [link BG] • [link Int] • [link IDG] • [link]