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The pattern or shell for county newspapers pages is on the Discussion page.

This page is being used to plan it. (backwards, I guess, but then I am left-handed.)

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Code Codes refer to:
CA Chronicling America
GB Genealogy Bank
GNA Google News Archive
NA Newspaper Archive
SOS Washington Secretary of state
UWA University of Washington Libraries Digital Collection. See also their [link] Student Newspapers Archive

  • Seattle times, other indiv newspapers

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Example of sortable table

Town Title of Newspaper Years
Libraries with copies Online Remarks
Ritzville Adams County record (microform) 1885-1886 CA
Lind The Lind leader (microform) 1902-1939 CA
Warden Warden Times 1947-1947 CA
Ritzville Washington State journal and Ritzville times 1910-1917 CA
Ritzville The journal-times 1918-1928 CA
Cunningham Cunningham gazette 1904-190? CA
Hatton Hatton hustler 190?-19?? CA
Lind Lind leader 1902-1939 CA
Lind Lind leader 1946-current CA
Lind The Othello times 1908-1938 CA
Othello The outlook 1977-current CA
Ritzville Adams County record 1885-1886 CA
Washtucna Washtucna recorder 1927-19?? CA
Washtucna Washtucna world 1962-current CA
Ritzville Ritzville times 1892-1911 CA
Ritzville Adams County times 1887-1892 CA
Ritzville The Ritzville Adams County Journal 1973-current CA
Ritzville Ritzville journal-times 1928-1973 CA
Paha The hub 1901-19?? CA
Othello Othello progress news 1947-1951 CA
Othello Othello outlook 1951-1977 CA
Lind The Lind lens 1963-1971 CA
Lind Adams County leader 1939-1946 CA
Washtucna Washtucna enterprise 1902-1925 CA
Ritzville Adams County news 1898-1906 CA CA
Ritzville Washington State journal 1907-1911 CA
Ritzville Washington State journal and Adams County news 1906-1907 CA
Ritzville Ost-Washington herold 1905-1906 CA Languages: German