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Stephen F. Anderson's User Page

Who is this guy?  Steve is an employee with the Family History Department. He's worked for the Church for 26 years, 20 of which has been with the Family History Department. His first year was with the Church History Department. After working in that department, he took a leave to get a second master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction Design at Brigham Young University. He hired back on with the Church in 1985. Steve worked in the Finance and Membership department for 5 years, desiging their ward/stake clerk training materails.

After working in the Finance and Records Department for 5 years, he transferred to ISD (Information Systems Department) for 6 months, when an opening came available within the Instructional Design section of the Family and Church History Department.

Steve has been happily employeed with Family History for the past 20 years. He hopes to be able to retire from this same department in 5+ years.