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How do I start my family history?

Create your own tree

  • Create a tree online - Choose the option "Fill in Online Version," and it will guide you through the steps of entering your Family Tree online.

Tips on filling out your own tree:

  • Go through any documents and pictures you may already have.
  • Ask other family members for information about your ancestors, such has an older relatives.
  • About linking to information already entered.
  • Information in family trees are not always correct and need to be verified and sourced.

See what’s available online about your family

Below is a list of major genealogy websites containing trees that may contain your ancestors. Before searching these websites, review these tips to help improve your success in locating ancestors:

  • It is important to double check information you find on a family tree online. It can contain incorrect information.
  • Some of these websites require you to start a family tree in the website to search for your ancestors. The benefit is linking these individuals to your tree.
  • Many family trees now have record hinting features that will lead you to records that maybe for your ancestor.
List of websites with Trees