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My Education

- One year at Utah Technical College, Salt Lake City, Utah

1970 - 1971 University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah Ford Foundation Scholarship

1978 - 1980  - Niagara Falls University, Niagara Falls, New York in business

1975 - 1976 LDS Institute of Religion University of Utah Salt Lake City Utah  Seminary Teacher

1973 - 1976 Electronic courses at Bell Telephone, Salt Lake City, Utah

1980 - 1982 Certified in Agriculture

1990 - BYU Graduate as a Certified Genealogist Eastern United States and British Isles
1990 - Greek Genealogist


1985 - 1991

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Genealogical Department, Acquisitions Division (microfilm camera operator in the Microfilm Center at the Church Office Building)

MICROGRAPHICS Microfilm camera operator and records negotiator

Family Search Specialists at the JSMB

1. Personal Ancestral File.
2. Family Search.
B. Ancestral File
C. Social Security
D. Military Index
E. Library Catalog
3. Computer Hardware.
4. Extraction Program.
5. Medieval Family History.
7. Family Search in the Home.
8. Temple Ready
9. General Family History Questions.
10. AF-PC Committee.
11. Names Processing.
12. Computer Programs.
A. Dos
B. Word Perfect
C. Norton Utilities (Data Repairs, Disk damaged)
D. Network
E. Fred
F. Lotus
G. Mac
H. Windows 3.1 to Windows NT
I. Word
J. Power Point
K. Access
L. Excel

1995 - 1996

Assistant team leader for the Family Search Support Unit


Supervisor for the Personal Ancestral File and PAF Companion technical team. Duties include:
1. Supervise 15 technicians
2. Correspondence and phone support
3. Conveying policy and procedures for Family History to team members and the public.
4. Handled a high volume of patron inquiries
5. Implemented an Expert Advisor (monitoring calls for patrons and resolving program problems)
6. Phone monitoring program
7. Disk doctoring log on Access.
8. Implemented Internet support


1. Supervisor/Mentor of 30 employees and 20 missionaries
2. Supervise Extraction Support, PAF Support, and Family Search Support.

3. Support on two new system of Family History.

  A. Unified System
  B. Extraction Internet

  C. Support a new process in Help Desk in the field

  D. Trainer in field Manager around the Globe.

  E. Coordinate Schedules for evening day and Saturday shifts.

  F. BYU Conferences and local and National Family History presentations.

2005 to 2009

Manager over 40 to 50 missionaries Quality Missionary World Wide Support.
2009 to 2011

Quality Assurances for support desk missionaries internationally. Area Managers ten different languages. Reports and surveys for different departments for Patron Services. Power points and training for missionaries. Recruiting and services for 800 missionaries


1976 - 1978 Religious missionary in Ontario, Canada for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

1978 - 1980 Researched crime in the slums of western New York State (Buffalo and Niagara Falls)

1981 -  Sugarhouse Chamber of Commerce.

1981 - 1984 Volunteer religious workers at the Salt Lake County Jail, Salt Lake City, Utah

1985 - 1986 Volunteer with the Vietnamese Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake        City, Utah.

1986 - 1989 Member of the Farmington/Centerville, Utah Rotary Club

1992 - 1993 Taught Family History for 2 years at the Institute of Religion of the University of Utah

1994 -  Extraction Director at the Utah State Prison

1994-95 Ordinance Director on Saturdays at the Bountiful Temple.

2009-2011 Director of FHC Utah State Prison

2011- Present  Museum Docent Church History

2011- Present  Member Pioneer Herirage


LANGUAGE Speak and read Greek fairly well.

ELECTRICAL Telephone technician

Ham Radio Operator

Dry Farmer 80 Acres.

Historical Board Centerville

Historical Sites I have three historical sites and well versed in pioneer living. With 1800s carpenter shop, A Blacksmith shop, Historical Farms.