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Stone House Historical Research

Catherine W. Desmarais, Certified Genealogist (sm)

Unearth Your Family's Foundation With Stone House Historical Research! 


Stone House Historical Research is located in Vermont’s beautiful Champlain Valley. We provide services from retrieval of a single document to legal affidavits of kinship and multigenerational family histories. Consultation to discuss the scope of your project is always free. As the principal researcher, I conduct onsite research at the Vermont Historical Society, the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration, the Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society, and other local repositories. I also make periodic out-of-state research trips, and would be happy to add your project to my next trip.


As a full-time professional, I have a broad range of genealogical experience in U.S. records, with a particular focus on Vermont and Pennsylvania. Research in Irish records and on location in Germany broadened her research perspectives beyond the U.S. In addition to family history research for individuals, Cathi undertakes forensic research to locate next-of-kin for cases involving military repatriation, probate, trusts and real estate. She also has lectured and taught introductory genealogical methods classes. She is an active member of the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy and New England Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists.


Genealogical research is completed at $40/hour, plus the actual costs of items such as photocopies, certified records and postage. Mileage reimbursement and travel time (at half-rate) is charged for trips over 25 miles. Forensic research, because of the priority it is given and the issues inherent when dealing with the living, is completed at a higher rate. Family history albums and family tree wall charts are completed at flat rates. Please see my website for further details.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Whether you are just beginning to discover your family’s story, are an experienced researcher, or are in the legal community and need kinship reconstruction, Stone House Historical Research will build a professionally researched and well-documented project for you. Let's talk about your family!



Phone: 802-363-7885