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                   Canadian Genealogy and Research

Canadian Military Research and Genealogy specializes in Canadian military research and family history in the following areas:

1. French Regime (New France prior to 1759)

2. British Forces (From 1763 to about 1871)

3. Loyalists (1775-1783)

4. German Troops (About 1776-1786)

5. Canadian Forces before 1914 (Covers period the War of 1812 to the South African War)

6. First World War (The Great War 1914-1918)

7. Canadian Forces after 1918 (From 1919 until today)

8. Military Medals (Medal rolls of the 19th and 20th Centuries)

9. War Diaries (World war 1, World War 2 and Korea)

10. Canadian Genealogy specializing in French Canadian Ancestry (From the early 17th Century)

We conduct a thorough and accurate investigation into family history. We consult the following but are not limited to:

Census Records
Land Records
Vital Statistics Records
Wills and Estates Records
Religious Records
Immigration Records
Military Records
Newspaper Records
Archival Records

The following geographical areas:

Canada as a whole
New-England States
Research fees: $40 per hour

Different packages are available ranging from a simple paternal and/or maternal lineage, to a full family tree with copies of records to support the findings.

Contact us for details.