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I've been researching my family since the mid-1980s. My mother's side is from England and my father's side is from Barbados and England.

I've concentrated on my paternal side (Grannum) with the aim to find origins of the name and close relatives. This has turned into a one-name study and I have been a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies since 1988 - for an outline of my research see

Grannum originated in Barbados as a probably variant of Crannum / Cranham so I welcome communicating with other Grannums and Cranham (especially those who can trace their Cranham roots back to the early 1700s).

I also specialise in Caribbean genealogy and heritage see for more information and some guidance on sources. I intend to share some of my knowledge on this wiki - I've made a start with updating one of the Barbados pages.