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As a professional genealogist of over 40 years, I have developed a large collection of records on Latin America, Early LDS, Southern Utah Familes, and Ancient Genealogical History. I currently have over 3,000 books and other extensive collections in the archive, which I am presently turning over to Southern Utah University, Special Collections.

Family Collections include the following Utah Families: Platt (SW Southern Utah), Leavitt (Intermountain West); Huntsman (three branches in Central Utah, Southern Utah, and Arizona; Lyman (Intermountain West); and Perkins (Southwestern and Southeastern Utah and Wales); the Ralston Family of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other contiguous states is available in the form of a two-volume manuscript, which took years to find, but is finally available in computerized format for anyone interested. The Ralstons form a branch of the Huntsman Family. 

Early LDS Collection contains over 300 volumes with a 25,000 name index. As a sealed descendant of Joseph Smith, Jr., I have extensive information on his family.

Spanish Collection contains records on all of Latin America's countries.

World Genealogical History: I am the author of The World Book of Generations, which gives a detailed, documented study of the earliest families of the world and how they dispersed.

I will develop this page further as time permits. In the meantime feel free to contact me on specific questions.

Lyman D. Platt, Ph.D.,

2191 S. 2200 E.,

New Harmony, UT 84757