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Sir, Captain, Dr. Paul L. Child Sr., BS, DDS, MAGD, Knight, was born in Clinton, Davis, Utah.  He became a general dentist in 1967, served three years as a Captain in the Viet Nam War as a dentist.  Paul married Mary Margaret Ginn June 7,1963, in the Salt Lake Temple, had nine children, 37 grandchildren and an Indian foster daughter.  Paul served as President of the Utah Academy of Dentistry and Region 14 Director over 7 western states.  Paul served as President of the Utah Sons of the American Revolution and national trustee.  Paul has 53 years of scouting experience where he serves in the Silver Beaver Colony by choosing the top Eagle Scouts in Utah for scholarships. As the author of 11 Child Family History books, his 48 years of genealogical experience comes from researching in America, the British Isles, and France.  Paul also serves as President and CEO of the Child Family History Foundation of USA.  Paul has served many positions of leadership in the LDS Church. His last mission with his wife VaLane has been on the British floor of the Family History Library in Salt lake City.