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The original content for this article was contributed by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in April 2013. It is an excerpt from their course Canadian: Vital Statistic Records - Part 1  by Sharon L. Murphy. The Institute offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy courses for a fee ($).

Marriage Registers

District Marriage Registers 1801-1858

Archives of Ontario, RG 80-27-1, Appendix A18


Description Dates

Microfilm Series MS 248 Reel #


Bathurst District Lanark County; Western part of Carleton County to 1838; Eastern Part of Renfrew County

1831-1848 1

Bathurst District Index to Vol. 1

1831-1848 1
2 Brock District
Oxford County after 1850; Burford Township, Brant County
1838-1858 1
3 Brock District - Index to Vol. 2 1839-1858 1
3 Colborne District
Peterborough and Victoria Counties; See County Marriage Registers, Vol. 55 Peterborough County
1841-1859 13
25 Eastern District
Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Counties
1831-1865 MS 412
4 Gore District
Halton, Wentworth, Halidmand and Brant Counties except Burford Twp; Seneca and Oneida Townships
1842-1855 1
5 Gore District - Index to Vol. 4 1842-1855 1
6 Home District
Fifteen marriages registered by Stephen Heward, Home District Clerk of the Peace. Home District: Ontario, York and Peel Counties to 1850; Simcoe County; East half of Grey County to 1821. Back of Book: Oath of Allegiance sworn by Richard Beasley, Colonel and 23 others of the 2nd Regiment of the York Militia on March 25, April 4 and 10, 1812; and Extracts of all Inquisitions involving 22 persons declared aliens under The alien Act and whose lands were vested with the Crown
1816-1830 1
7 Home District
Marriages (1823-1825) and Baptisms (1806-1844) by Rev. James Harris (Presb.); Also entries re: the Dispensing of the Eucharist.
1806-1844 1
8 Home District
Marriage Register of Rev. James Harris (Presbyterian)
1826-1831 1
9 Home District - Index to Vol. 8 1826-1831 1
10 Home District - (to page “Y”) Index partly at front and partly at back 1831-1840 1
10 Home District - (to page “S”) Index partly at front and partly at back 1831-1840 1
11 Home District
Index at front of volume
1839-1848 2
12 Home District
Index at back of volume
1848-1857 2
13 Huron District - (to page 11)
Huron County except Morris and Grey Twps; Perth County except Wallace, Elma and Mornington Twps; Biddulph and McGillivray, Middlesex County; index at front of volume
1841-1849 3
14 Johnstown District
Also on microfilm MS 187
1801-1850 3
14A Johnstown District
Marriage certificates issued by certain Justices of the Peace in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville; arranged in chronological order
1804-1896 3
15 Johnstown District
Index to Vol. 14; more complete index see LAC microfilm #C3031
1801-1850 3
16 London District
Middlesex and Elgin Counties; for early marriages in the London District (1795-1833), see LAC microfilm #C3031
1833-1855 3
17 Newcastle District
Northumberland and Durham Counties; index at back of volume is for books A and B; Vol. #17 is book B. All the original returns for marriages are at Trent University Archives, Peterborough
1839-1851 3
18 Newcastle District - index at front Northumberland and Durham Counties 1850-1854 3
19 Ottawa District
Prescott, Russell, Glengarry and part of Carleton Counties; Argentueil, Hull, Grenville, Chatham Townships in Province of Quebec
1816-1853 3
20 Ottawa District - Index to Vol. 19 1816-1853 4
21 Prince Edward District
Prince Edward County; index at Back of Volume
1833-1846 4
22 Talbot District
Norfolk and Haldimand Counties; Walpole and Rainham Townships
1838-1857 4
22A Talbot District - Index to Vol. 22 1838-1857 4
23 Victoria District
Hastings County after 1850
1839-1858 4
24 Victoria District - Index to Vol. 23 1839-1858 4
26 Western District - Register A
Essex, Kent and Lambton Counties
1780-1835 MS 205 Reel 13
27 Western District
Register B 1822
1835-1856 MS 205 Reel 13

It should be emphasized again that Anglican and Roman Catholic clergy did not send all of their records of the marriages they performed to the District Clerk. This list of District Marriage Registers held at the Archives of Ontario is therefore not a complete collection of all marriages that took place, 1831-1858. Marriage registers for the Districts of Niagara, Midland and Dalhousie have never been found. The Wellington District register is available only at the Wellington County Archives in Fergus, but it has been transcribed by Dan Walker and published by Global Heritage Press.

Anglican church registers and Catholic church registers should be consulted if your ancestors were either Anglican or Catholic. Also, if you cannot find your ancestor’s marriage record in the District Marriage Registers, it would be wise to consult these churches as well. The appropriate Anglican diocese archives can be determined by referring to The Guide to Ecclesiastical Holdings of the Province of Ontario, published by Generation Press Inc., of Agincourt.

If you are looking for Catholic church marriage registers, the Archives of Ontario have some available on microfilm. The following list will give you the reel numbers required for the parishes and missions described. There is an index (in book form) of these films that was compiled by R. Rumpel titled Roman Catholic Marriage Registers 1828-1870. Checking this index will save time in determining if you need to view these films or not. A copy is available at the Archives of Ontario or can be interlibrary loaned.

Roman Catholic Marriage Registers

Archives of Ontario - Sub-Series RG 80-27-4, Appendix A21, Microfilm Series 248 (MS 248)

Reel # Vol. Page Description Parish/Mission County
20 1 1-624 Toronto - St. Paul’s 1833-1845 York
20 2 1-136 Toronto - St. Paul’s 1846-1856 York
21 2 137-707 Toronto - St. Paul’s 1846-1856 York
21 3 1-170 Toronto - St. Mary’s 1853-1857 York
21 4a 1-185 Adjala Mission 1833-1857 Simcoe, York
21 4a 1-185 St. Margaret Mission 1833-1857 Simcoe, York
21 4b 186-370 St. Gregory Mission 1844-1856 Ontario
21 4b 371-387 St. Gregory Mission 1844-1856 Ontario
22 4c 388-644 Newmarket Mission 1850-1870 Simcoe, York
22 5a i-xvi, 28-37 Townships above Toronto 1830-1833 York
22 5b 28-38 St. Catharines 1851-1851 Lincoln
22 5c 38-60 Port Colborne 1860-1870 Welland
22 5d 61-134 Falls View 1858-1869 Welland
22 5 135-465 Niagara-on-the-Lake 1828-1857 Lincoln
22 6a 1-4 Dixie Parish 1856-1857 Peel
22 6b 5-279 Gore Mission 1834-1869 Peel
23 6b 280-487 Gore Mission 1834-1869 Peel

There are also other Catholic records at the Archives of Ontario or Library and Archives Canada for a few of the early individual churches. See their inventory descriptions and catalogues, especially under place names, e.g. Library and Archives Canada’s Checklist of Parish Registers.

As well, the Drouin collection of French and English Catholic church baptismal, marriage and death records is searchable online on (subscription site) with digital images available.

Many ‘Répertoires’ have been compiled for French Catholic churches in Ontario. Volunteers from the Société franco-ontarienne d’histoire et de généalogie have compiled a large number of registers of marriages. These registers can save you lots of time. If you are searching for Anglican Church Marriages for St. James Cathedral in Toronto, a book created by the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, transcribing this marriage register, may be useful. It is called, St. James Marriages 1807-1908. These marriages will not be found within the Home District Registers. Of course, there are registers of Anglican marriages for all of Ontario and they are housed at the appropriate Anglican archives. Please refer to the above mentioned Guide to the Ecclesiastical Holdings of the Province of Ontario in order to get the location.

District Maps

Map of Province of Upper Canada

Original Districts of 1788 (broken line) and Districts in 1802 (solid line)

Map of Province of Upper Canada.jpg
Map of Province of Upper Canada, Districts in 1836
Map of Districts in 1836 of Upper Canada.jpg
Map of Province of Canada West, Districts in 1849
Map of District in 1849 in Upper Canada West.jpg

County Marriage Registers of Ontario, 1858-June 1869

Archives of Ontario, RG 80-27-2, Appendix A19, Volumes 1-86

“In 1857, legislation was enacted to provide for the registration of all marriages performed by clergymen in the Province of Canada West (later Ontario). This led to the creation of a series of volumes known as the COUNTY MARRIAGE REGISTERS, which contain records of marriages performed by clergy from 1 January 1858 until 30 June 1869, at which time a new system of registration was established. Most marriage records found in the registers fall within these dates, but there are occasional records of marriages performed before 1858 and during the latter half of 1869. One minister from Perth County sent in marriage records dating back to 1850, which were duly copied into the register.”
“There is, however, ample evidence that marriage returns from many ministers operating within the province never reached the County Marriage Registers. And in virtually every register, there are not as many marriages for the half-year of 1869 as should be expected, making it obvious that many records at this time were lost during the transition from one system of registration to the other.”[1]

These marriage registers have been microfilmed and are at the Archives of Ontario MS248. See the finding aid for the reel number needed. They have been transcribed, indexed and published by Elizabeth Hancocks, CG of Generation Press under the title County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Canada 1858-1869.


  1. Elizabeth Hancocks, "Introduction," County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Canada series.


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