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History of Birth Place

I was born in Manassa, Colorado. This was a very small community of about 400 people. My mother was born in Manasa, Colorado and my  grandmother was born there also. I lived here for about 3 years.

This was a small town located about 15 miles from Manassa in the same county. My dad's father owned and operated  the Charles Barber meat market in LaJara. He was elected the Sheriff of LaJara and he was well respected as the Sheriff.  My parents moved to LaJara where my father began working for his father in the meat market.


I was able to obtain my education with the G.I bill after my service in the U.S NAVY for four years. I served on a Guided Missile Experimental ship.This was when the United States was trying to prefect the guided Missile program for the United States.  I graduated from Utah State University 1955.

Teaching Experience

I taught school at Weber High school in the Weber County school distict in Weber County, Ogden, Utah.

The superintendent of schools was T.H. Bell who eveually was the Secretary of Education for the United States.