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This is the contents of a page that someone added the delete template to. I'm saving it because I think it partly captures ideas that other pages on moderation don't capture, including some ideas I took off of Wikipedia. RitcheyMT 23:00, 20 February 2011 (UTC)

Moderation builds the right atmosphere.

Community sites grow as they cultivate an atmosphere of cooperation, brotherhood, and community, and as the community builds a strong feeling that contributors’ work is appreciated.

Moderators direct the improvement of content.

Active communities shepherd the creation of quality content. Moderators serve several such functions:

  • Review, edit or showcase content
  • Promote the creation of content as per customer needs
  • Vet and approve the creation of new content types
  • Disambiguate content titles to improve search results (“Mercury” is a planet, element, auto brand, record label, and Roman God.)

Moderators drive improvements in behavior.

  • Vet, approve, interpret, and clarify policies.
  • Solve disputes regarding content creation and site management.
  • Educate users in appropriate community behavior.
  • Govern the site in languages that FCHD doesn’t cover.

Moderators grow the community.

They promote the site to potential users and recruit other moderators as the site grows.