User group meeting agenda 12 May 2009

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Proposing ideas for this agenda

To propose or discuss ideas for this agenda, please use the Discussion tab above. As the meeting draws near, we will review the items proposed on the Discussions page and decide which ones should get highest priority on the agenda.


Administrative items

  1. Assignment of time keeper and note taker
  2. Introduction of new members: 10 seconds for name and desired takeaways.
  3. Review of Minutes
  4. Today's agenda preview

Information items

Some pages we noticed

  1. English Phonetic surname Aliases 1750 to 1800 is growing wildly. Thanks to Bottpa for the majority of 315 revisions!
  2. Hamburg Passenger Lists has received 319 revisions. Most are by Diltsgd, but lately Sonja and 86woo have joined in.
  3. Check out the graphics and sources on New Sweden! Thanks to Diltsgd for 181 edits!
  4. Maryland Census is maturing nicely with 181 revisions. Take a look at the table showing where you can find paid and free versions of each year's census. Thanks, Hardestypn!
  5. Welsh Parish Registers on Microfilm is growing continuously with 240 revisions. Thanks to Bromaelor, Darris, Blaine, Countrygal, Davide, and others for your contributions! Is this page done? It has seen no activity since February. Anybody want to take the baton?
  6. Stockholm: Parish List is a great page leading to dozens of other pages treating Swedish Lutheran and other congregations -- their name variants, parent parishes, and parish authorities. Nice work, G Fröberg Morris

Ritcheymt 19:32, 12 May 2009 (UTC)

Discussion items

  1. At NGS conference Wednesday David Rencher will announce a North Carolina barn raising. We'd like to have a single North Carolina page/portal/unportal. Should we get rid of the North Carolina Portal or North Carolina page, or is there some other option to consider? Ritcheymt 22:38, 11 May 2009 (UTC)