User group meeting minutes 3 February 2009

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Facilitator was Michael Ritchey. Note taker was Jimmy Parker.

Prayer by Kip Enger

This week, there are now 6,655 registered users of the FamilySearch Wiki.  That is an increase of 179 new registered users over the last week.


Michael Ritchey, John Kitzmiller, James Anderson, Kip Enger, Jim Greene, Barbara Baker, Alan Mann, Savid Samuelson, Sister Felsted.

Remote Attendees

(Anne Roach), (Mollie Forbes), (Michael Ritchey), Donna from Spokane, Thomas Lerman, Jimmy Parker, Phil Besselieure (Brother B, FHC Director from Fort Worth), Lise Embley, Sister Debbie Edwards, Baerbel Johnson

Items Discussed

  • The questions was raised about how to add family history lecture outlines to the Research Wiki, or if we should do so. Jim Greene pointed out that it is not the purpose of the Research Wiki to provide that kind of information on this venue, unless the information is about how to locate and use records. Teaching outlines should be placed on another web site where they could be pointed to, if necessary.
  • There was some discussion about adding a community agenda page to the Wiki.
  • Alan Mann discussed the start, today, of the England Barn Raising. The page for the Barn Raising Tasks was demonstrated and discussed. There is a link under the Main Page under "News and Events." The link goes to a page where users may sign up for one or more tasks for the barn raising. Michael Ritchey demontrated how to sign up for a task on that page.
  • It was also announced that th Maryland Barn Raising will end on the 17th of February.
  • John Kitzmiller was introduced to the Users Group Meeting and mentioned some of the types of things his unit would like to see in the Wiki. Things are being investigated to make it easier to create tables with sortable columns in Excel or other such programs for import into the Wiki.
  • Michael Ritchey presented a concern about proper etiquette on the Wiki. Everyone needs to be careful about not substantially changing things without going to the "Discussion Page" for that topic and explaining (suggesting) the changes that should be made before doing so.

Action Items