User group meeting minutes 7 April 2009

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This week, there are now 8,099 registered users of the FamilySearch Wiki. That is an increase of 113 new registered users over the last week.


Remote Attendees

Items Discussed

  • All the items on the Agenda were discussed in the meeting.

Action Items

  • Follow up on suggestions for improving descriptions and links to the many different ways and needs for contacting "us"
  • There is a link to "Contact Us" - Define who is "us" and why someone would need to contact "us" ("Contact Wikipedia" is a good example to look at.)
  • Regarding the numerous help pages, feedback, technical support, and contact us pages, "more clarity with what's already there" is needed, and not more content."
  • Users do not feel that everything in the Wiki is open for Discussion. Some content is viewed as maintained and changed only by administrators or sysops (like the numerous Help pages).
  • The "Known Issues" list is over a year old. There was a suggestion that this list should be kept updated. Users do not want to report issues or problems that are already known.
  • A related item, although not discussed in the meeting, is the Product Backlog list. Is this list being kept up-to-date?
  • The new "Create a page" needs links to articles about adding internal and external links. The process of creating a page from this new page will result in orphan pages. Authors should be make aware that the new page is an orphan page and the steps for adding links to other pages in the Wiki.
  • The new "Create a page" should also include a link to the article about adding categories on the page.
  • When viewing a page that has been redirected, the edit link will open up the old page, not the intended page. This is frustrating to the users. We believe this problem was reported earlier in a user group meeting. We need to follow up on this known problem and report on the status in the next user group meeting. Barbara will send Fran an example when she runs across it again.
  • When pages are "moved" in the Wiki, is the "Redirect" page automatically created? Need to investigate and report back next meeting.
  • There is a page in the wiki titled "Taxation" but the content is related to Sweden Taxation records. The page should be moved to a new title that incorporates "Sweden". It was suggested that the "Taxation" page turned into a Disambiguation page for "Taxation" records and then link to places around the world that have Taxation records that can be used for family history research. Volunteers for this project were requested during the meeting.