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A few years ago, I was working in my sister's office, temporarily, until she hired an assistant. Because she is a real estate broker and manages rentals, the local Credit Bureau sends her a little publication each month, containing the names of those who died in that month. The information is straightforward: name of the deceased; county where died; date of death; and age at death. In addition, the city or town where the person passed away is included.

As I began to review the information, I knew that I had to create a database with those details! I later uploaded one of these databases to the U.S. GenWeb archives for Florida. Sources, it would seem, are plentiful; we just have to scout them out.

Hello Marg:

In response to your request on the page:

Thank you for your recommendations!

I just thought that I would share with you that you can go into your webpage top right hand corner under the red x to close the page. Click "TOOLS" then click "ZOOM" to enlarge your screen to whatever size is better for you when you are using the wiki. If you are using Internet Explorer use this method but other Search Engines also have a top right item to click under the red x on the page screen where you can click into then click Zoom to change the page writing sizes.

At this time we have 640 px to use on our wiki pages with the information boxes and light purple ribbon boxes also on the side. We've been told that in the future the page size will be changed. We will keep in mind your suggestions for that time thank you again take care and have a great day!