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Hey Ryan, thanks so much for the contributions you're making to the wiki! I'm plugging away each day at the PA portal (portal marked for deletion Laralee 03:44, 19 April 2010 (UTC)) and noticed your link to the military records of the PA State Archives. I checked out the collection there and liked it so much that I added a link to each of their databases to the various sections of the page Pennsylvania Military Records. If you hadn't added the link you added, I wouldn't have known about these great records. Thanks!

There's a change I'd like to make if it's okay with you. The original link you added appears in the Research Tools box in Portal:Pennsylvania. I'm trying to take that box, or portlet, in the same direction as that in Denmark. Geoff Morris at the Family History Library gave birth to the idea of a Research Tools box because he wanted to put in it the kinds of reference information he found himself giving over and over to patrons each day. His idea was to put into that box links to reference tools and to keep links to records in the articles about each record type, which are each linked from the Tools box. Are you okay with using this approach in the PA portal? I feel that if we link to specific records -- or even to pages on record types -- from the Research Tools box, these kinds of links will fill this box quickly and make it harder for patrons to find the links to reference tools. This sound okay to you? Ritcheymt 19:05, 22 August 2008 (UTC)