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Please leave any additions, corrections, and other suggestions regarding the proposed FamilySearch Wiki:Page Protection Policy article on this page.

Ok to protect

From the proposal page.

Ok to protect:
  • pages that are normally reserved for editing by certain FamilySearch departments, such as those for Historical Record Collections or FamilySearch Indexing

Instead of confusing what a wiki is and whether wiki pages should be editable or not, I would suggest that any "special" type of page that needs to be protected so that only Library personnel or etc. can edit it should be uploaded as a PDF instead. The Category:FamilySearch Historical Records Known Issues is a good example of this type of "special" page. The page is intended as a reference and control needs to be maintained over them to keep them accurate of course. Other such "special pages" should also be linked to or uploaded as a pdf to avoid confusing what is a wiki page and what is simply a reference page that is on the wiki for convenience. Alternatively these "special pages" could be uploaded to another part of FamilySearch rather than the wiki so that they can be linked to and not confused with wiki pages. I could see the indexing pages as an exception if there is not a way to create these pages without using the wiki. -- Lotje2 20:54, 9 August 2012 (UTC)

Why are Historical Records Collection pages given as an example? They are not protected. -- Lotje2 21:16, 9 August 2012 (UTC)