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Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

weil ich keinen unter Telefonnummer 00800-1830-1830 in Deutschland erreichen konnte, bitte ich jemand mich informieren, wie kann ich die Filmnummer haben der Volkszählung 1857 von der Kolonie Stal (jetzt Zwonarew Kut) an der Wolga, Russland.
Wenn es noch andere Information von dieser Kolonie in einer anderen Form gibt, möchte ich den Zugang auch haben. Auf der Seite bin ich angemeldet.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Alexander Rudi

Approximate English translation of above
Ladies and Gentlemen,

because I could not be reached at telephone number 00800-1830-1830 in Germany, I ask someone inform me how can I have the roll number of the census in 1857 by the colony Stal (now Zwonarew Kut) on the Volga, Russia. If there are any other information from this colony in a different form, I would like to have access too. On the page I am logged

Yours sincerely,
Rudi Alexander

Herr Alexander:

Thank you for coming to wiki research with your question.  I went in search of an answer to share with youregarding Kolonie Stahl [now Zwonarew Kut], Volga, Russia.  The only Stahl colonies from the Volga, Russia area that I could locate on LDS microfilms were as follows:  

Stahl am Karaman, 1 November 1857, LDS Film #2373591, 122 households (includes maiden names)

Stahl am Karaman, 30 July 1850, LDS Film #2361610, 113 households

Stahl am Karaman, appendix dated 1 November 1857, LDS Film #2374954

Stahl am Tarlyk, 1 July 1850, LDS Film #2361608, 171 households (includes maiden names)

Stahl am Tarlyk, 25 October 1857, LDS Film #2373593, 212 households (includes maiden names)

If wiki research can be of further assistance to you, please come back and we will see what help we can be.  

Happy Research and Guten Nacht.

User:Saguache214  2Nov2011 8:03p