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Guide to Vikøy, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records.

Church Records

See Kvam

Census Records

See Kvam

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Torpe, Lars H., Ættarbok for Kvam, Kvam : Utgjeve av Kvam herad, 1957-1973. A genealogy of the people and their farms in Vikøy and Øystese in Kvam clerical district in Hordaland county. Volumes 1-2 include early years to 1900 and volumes 3-4 cover the years 1900 to 1965. *FHL 948.32/K1 D2t Farm name indexes for these volumes are found in the following links.

Farm Names

The farm number and name of the farms listed in Oluf Rygh Farm Name Index in about 1900 were as follows: 25 Aarhus 29 Aaseim 4 Aksnes nedre 15 Birkeland nedre 6 Birkeland ytre 12 Bruland 16 Bøen 18 Eikedalen 5 Fonneland 8 Fosse ytre 21 Furehaugen 12 Gnallen 32 Hagen 1 Heradstveit 7 Holmen 7 Hopland 10 Kaldestad 20 Li 24 Midhus 12 Mo ytre 6 Myren 34 Nes 26 Nesthus 17 Neteland 31 Noreim 7 Præstegaarden 13 Reistveit 22 Rosseland 11 Sandven 30 Skaaleim 21 Skeie 27 Skutleberg 19 Sotebotnen 19 Steine 28 Sælesæter 32 Tole 14 Træbakken 9 Tveit ytre 33 Valland 2 Vangdal 31 Vatnedalen 23 Øfsthus

For larger lists of farm names, click on each link below, then click again on the link provided:

Vikøy parish 1:

Vikøy parish 2:

Probate Records

1695-1881: Records are found in Hardanger og Voss judicial district.