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Eheprotokolle are prenuptials which are being prepared before marriage. They are documents which regulate the affairs of the future couple, such as who will move to whom. It describes dowries, settlements for brothers and sisters, support for parents etc. In Eheprotokolle information beyond the date of marriage is given which will provide the genealogist with particulars about his family.

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When it comes times for parents to make decisions about the future re. property, inheritances etc., such decisions have to be recorded and registered with the court to be legal. Usually the oldest/youngest son would inherit the property. In return he will have to support his parents and brothers and sisters if they are still unmarried. All details about such provisions are  explained in these contracts.

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Sales Contracts

When property is transferred to strangers or family other than as an inheritance, the text of such a document is different. Money is involved and precise terms formulate the execution of such contracts. Still, there are clues to be gathered about ones family and the way they conducted business.

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A property owner may have been forced for whatever reason to mortgage the property. The German term for this action is called "eine Hypothek aufnehmen". Usually one party would borrow from another party. To make sure such transactions were properly dealt with, the terms were recorded with the court, in the Grundbuch (land record). In the following sample entry, the name and residence of the debtor are given as well as the amount and the reason for the loan, the name of the creditor, the location of the property, the percentage of interest and terms of redemption.

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