Washington County, New York Cemeteries

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Fish Hill Cemetery, South Bay, Washington County, NY

Here are some notes concerning the above cemetery as I recall from my childhood memory.

This cemetery is located at the top of Fish Hill on the north side of South Bay on the right hand side of the road.

I recall one time when I went fishing with my father, Wilson 'Bud' McKinney, we went through this cemetery and down to the brook for a pinic with our family. On the way down dad showed us soe grave sites of the the right of the old logging road. This was about 1955 in the summer. There were two head stones that were visible but dad thought there were more. As I recall these stones were off the overgrown logging road about 50-75 feet and about halfway down to the brook.

Dublin Hill

Another time the family went up to the Hog Town area for a summer picnic while dad and I fished. On the way back home coming down 'double hill' and off the the left dad pointed out where there were grave sites, at least one was where his sister Frances was buried.

Just wanted to note these items while I was thinking of them because the last time I was at the Fish Hill area they were logging it and I couldn't located the old logging road. This site and the one at double hill were well over grown when I saw it as a youngster.

Emmett E. McKinney, Sr. 110 Quail Drive Summerville, SC 29485