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What’s New in Family Search – Lindsay Bennett

January 25, 2014

I. What’s New Blog

i. Allows you to see what has been added or changed in Family Search

ii. Updated often so check often

iii. To find the What’s New tab, do this:

1. Sign in to Family Search

2. Click on Family Tree

3. Click on What’s New

II. Attach source directly to person in Family Tree when searching records in Family Search

i. When you find a source to attach to your relative, click on the blue “Attach to Family

ii. Select the person you want to attach it to

iii. Explain the reason for attaching the source to the individual

iv. Check the box to add the source to your Source Box, if you want to

v. Click the blue Attach button

vi. The source is automatically added to the person’s sources and your Source Box, if you

Tree” button on the right side of the record page

checked the box to add it to the Source Box

III. New features on person’s individual page

a. Search records link

i. When on a person’s individual page, look on the right side of the page in the section

ii. Click on Search Records

iii. You’ll be taken to the possible records list, just as if you started on the Search link along

iv. No need to enter information to get started on the search because the system gather’s

v. You can still narrow the search by adding additional information on the left side of the

b. Temple Ordinances section

i. Moved to the gray section at the TOP of the person’s individual page; the link is to the

ii. The section called Temple Ordinances at the very bottom of the person’s page will

c. Legend for Temple Ordinances

i. Go to a person’s individual page

ii. In the gray portion along the top of the page, click on Ordinances (to the right of Details,

iii. In the top right portion of the Ordinances page, click on Legend

iv. The dropdown menu shows you what the various colors mean for each ordinance, from

called Research Help

the top of Family Search

information from the individual’s page


right of Details, Photos and Documents, and Stories

redirect you to the Ordinances page

Photos and Documents, and Stories)

Completed to Not Needed

IV. Temple tab

i. At the top of the Family Search website, click on Family Tree

ii. At the top of the page, click on Temple

iii. On the far right portion of the page, click on Opportunities

1. Note that if there is a red asterisk on the word Temple, you have opportunities for

temple ordinances

1. If there is a red number next to the word Opportunities, you have relatives in your

first 4 generations that need temple work done

2. The Family Search system automatically looks for temple work opportunities in

the first 4 generations of your family; if the system finds people (who have

already been entered into your Family Tree) in your first 4 generations who need

temple work completed, their names will be listed here

V. Get help with live chat

i. Whether you’re logged in to Family Search or not, you can access the live chat feature in

the Get Help section

ii. Click on Get Help along the top right portion of the webpage

iii. Click on Live Chat on the left side of the pop-up window

iv. From there, you have the option to chat with a Family Search missionary in two areas

1. Product and Technical Support

2. Research Assistance

v. At the end of your chat, you can choose to have the transcript emailed to you

a. Get help with questions specifically about the Family Search website

a. Get help with research