1940 Census United States – Census Form Headings

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The 1940 Census gives the same basic information obtained from previous census years: name, age, place of birth, family relationships, place of residence, gender, education, and citizenship. There are a few new questions asked that would help in genealogical research.

1. Name of informant: (Column 7): An “X” is placed by the name of the person giving the information. This would then allow knowing the credibility of the information given.
2. Individual present or absent (Column 7): Those who usually live in the home but currently not there were to be marked with “Ab” as being absent from the home.
3. Residence as of April 1 1935 (Columns 17-20). These series of questions help to establish a residence of 5 years previous.
4. Education (Columns 13-14): A broader spectrum of level of education is given.
5. Employment (Columns 23-33): Specific questions about employment, unemployment and income give greater insights into the lives of the people.
6. Census Sampling used (2 lines from each page, example: lines 14 & 29) A few more questions were asked concerning mother tongue, parents’ place of birth, veterans and employment.