1940 Census United States - I Know the Address But Not the ED

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I Know the Street Address Where my Ancestor Lived in 1940, But I Don't Know the Enumeration District

To locate your ancestor in the 1940 Census, you need a name index or know the Enumeration District where your ancestor lived.

Check the 1940 Census Status Map to see if the state where your ancestor lived has been indexed. 

Follow these stops to locate the Enumeration District for your ancestor's address:

Step 1 Use SteveMorse.org to Determine the Enumeration District

  • Use the drop down lists to choose the state, county, and city or town where your ancestor lived.
  • Fill in the street address of your ancestor.  If the "number" and "address" fields are crossed, this indicates the website does not have your city or town and requires a different process.  LINK HERE.

Step 2 Find the Cross Streets for Your Ancestor's Address

  • Next, determine cross streets for your ancestor's address by clicking on "See Map" which opens a new tab in your internet browser and maps your ancestor's address.
  • Review the map looking for large cross streets around your ancestor's street address.
  • Once you have determined a cross street, click back on the tab to SteveMorse.org's website. Choose a street from the drop down menu next to "Cross or back street on same city block"
  • If the cross street option has not appeared on the page, you need to add a street address as described in Step 1.
  • You are now ready to search the Enumeration District for your ancestor.
  • If you would like to see what streets are in the Enumeration District, select "1940 Streets in the ED" in the box directly below and click on the Enumeration District number above.

Step 3 Use FamilySearch.org to Browse the Images

  • On the FamilySearch.org website, you will see a description of the Enumeration District you located. Click on this link to take you to the census images.
  • The first image may be a card listing the Enumeration District number. In the top right hand corner, click on the arrow which will advance you to the next page. Advance in this manner until you see the first 1940 Census page for your Enumeration District.
  • Scan column 1 on the left side of page to locate the name of the street. It is written sideways. If the street is not on this page, click on the arrow to see the next census page in the Enumeration District.,br>
  • Continue scanning each page until you locate the correct street.  
  • Once you locate the correct street, look for the house number in column 2 directly right of street column.
  • Once you locate the correct house number, your ancestor should be listed in the household. If you ancestor is not listed at the address, your ancestor may have moved and no longer lives there. Search for your ancestor in another record created in or near 1940 to locate another address. Other records.LINK

I Can't Locate My Street in this Enumeration District

There are several reasons why you may not locate your street in the the Enumeration District:

  • Incorrect Mapping of the Street Address - The mapping website may have incorrectly mapped the address. Use a different mapping website such as:
  • Incorrect Street Address Chosen - Reassess the street name to make sure you have the right street chosen from the dropdown list in Step 1. Streets listing north, south, east, and west maybe mis-represented.
  • Street Name Changes - The street your ancestor lived on may have changed since 1940.